NVMe Flash Storage

We provide NVMe Flash Storage Arrays providing businesses with the highest performing storage systems available today delivering huge performance and IOPS, scalability, reliability and data management to be able to handle the applications and growth a business need. We work with DELL Technologies, Fujitsu, HPE, IBM and Lenovo to provide the right NVMe storage system for your requirement and application.

They are highly available and have at least two controllers offering no single points of failure, deliver impressive IOPS performance with lowest latency even at full load and provide 500k – 4m+ sustained IOPS.

We offer a range of NVMe storage with a multitude of host connections including Ethernet 10/25/40/100Gb, NVMeOF 16/32Gb or 25/50Gb NVMe/RoCE.

NVMe flash storage is the replacement for SATA and SAS hard disk drives using (Non-Volatile Memory Express) as a communications interface and driver that provides a command set and feature set for PCIe-based SSDs.

NVMe flash storage

NVMe Flash Storage Performance

The problems today are hard disk drives both SAS and SATA can only transfer data at 600MB/s, whereas the flash storage arrays can operate up to 2,000MB/s per lane. As the NVMe interface is so much faster than SAS or SATA using PCIe Gen 4 and 16 lanes can transfer data at 32,000MB/s or 53x times faster than a hard disk drive!

Another advantage of the NVMe interface is that it has 64K vs 1 command queue for hard disks. It also supports 64K commands per queue vs 32 commands for hard disks. When using NVMe the latency is less than 2.8 microseconds vs a minimum of 6 microseconds for hard disks.

Some other important factors are NVMe communicates directly with the system CPU, whereas hard disks must communicate with a SAS/SATA controller. The last and probably most important feature when using all flash storage is performance. Hard disk IOPS top out at around 100K where NVMe IOPS can easily reach 1M+.

  • Peak Performance – especially important when the storage is required to run above normal levels.
  • Normal Workload – extremely relevant when the reliable provision of a sustained performance is important.
  • Accelerate Applications – Whether you are running SQL, Exchange, Oracle, SAP, deploying a flash storage system will provide instant and noticeable improvements.
  • Shared Storage – Having a shared area for files is ideal for centralising data, users frequently add, remove and update files and it is this constant access where flash storage scores.

NVMe Flash Storage Features

Flexible and flash optimised storage
Ultra-low response times for all applications and a massive increase of IOPS without complicated tuning measures as well as scalable capacity and connectivity.

Selective use of deduplication / compression
Data reduction at the volume level to improve storage efficiency and increase the lifespan of flash.

Automated Quality of Service
Control applications priorities according to business needs, minimize admin efforts, automate monitoring and adjustment to guarantee service levels.

Transparent failover and Storage Cluster
Avoid planned or unplanned downtimes, enjoy 100% data insurance and non-stop business operations.

NVMe Flash Storage Benefits

  • Speed – The biggest benefit with an all-flash storage array is the low latency and data throughput it can achieve and is perfect for highly intensive workloads with lots or reads and writes.
  • Space – An NVMe storage array can reduce data centre rack space by 5x.
  • Infrastructure costs – On average savings of 50% can be achieved.
  • Reduced data management – storage management costs of 50% or more can be achieved with in-depth analytics, simplified management, and reporting.


The primary benefit of an all-flash array is performance as shown in the graph below:

NVMe Flash Storage Performance

This is often the first benefit that people think of when they think of flash. With 100x the performance of HDD technology, all flash accelerates enterprise applications, such as Database workloads, VDI, Real-time data analytics, file and web servers, video and post-production and VDI, along with big data analytics such as Hadoop, MongoDB and HBase databases. The high performance of all flash storage enables customers to access information faster and more effectively. Freeing IT staff to focus more time and effort on strategic business goals and less data management. Above all it enables a business to capitalise on new opportunities, outcomes, and markets with increased productivity and faster time to market.

Our vendor partner are available to visit, discuss and plan exactly what you need within the time frames you set, provide POC (proof of concept) systems for you to run on-premise.

Why work with us?

We won’t confuse you with jargon, we’ll be honest, available and quote when we say and deliver on-time. Regarding pricing, we try to be as competitive as everyone else and want to ensure you recommend us and come back when you next have an I.T. requirement.

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