IT Consultation

After dealing with many clients over the past 28 years we’ve been providing IT solutions, we’ve consistently excelled at maintaining a trusted advisor status with the organisations we provide IT solutions and IT consultation services for.

IT Consultation

Solving problems for our customers, while delivering ROI on investments in their IT infrastructure’s stands at the core of what we do.

Thanks to our value add, we only recommend an IT consultation if the project is complex, where you may not be sure what solution you should acquire due to possible ramifications.

Often IT infrastructure projects are inherently complicated and being able to access the most prestigious expertise from within Fortuna Data and Solution architect partners at all major vendors, we’ll ensure meticulously generated insights into your infrastructure yielding powerful advice…with ROI.

What do we cover in our IT consultation?

At this stage we’re fortunate enough to be able to leverage a substantial IT network, so really, any requirement that is IT based we’ll be able to assist with or at least point you in the right direction.

Fields we cover in our IT consultation:

  • Cloud
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Peripherals
  • Security
  • Analytics
  • Bespoke applications
  • Networking
  • Workstations
  • Servers
  • Storage

What makes our IT consultancy valuable?

Responsiveness – We pride ourselves on the excellent level of service we provide, working with you, in a timely manner to address and overcome problems X, Y and Z.

Transparency – “We don’t have swarms of sales people to churn through call lists and deliver a failed methodology of one-size fits all with their sales pitches and solutions that they hammer to their prospects…No, no.” – read more about us here.

Methodology – Our company motto is “Smarter, Strategic, Thinking.”, this is very much installed within our approach when assisting in solving your IT infrastructure challenges.

These are the stages of the IT consultation:

  • FREE initial discussion.
  • Price agreement.
  • Listening to understand the architecture of the current infrastructure.
  • Analysing the relevant information.
  • Us: Offering solutions
  • Client: Optimising solutions
  • Finalising with an excellent IT solution.

Insight – The insights we share regarding your IT infrastructure are always thorough and detailed, with relevant analytics, metrics and key crucial particulars of information.

ROI – We understand IT budgets are extremely important yet often squeezed leaving little margin for error so with all of our IT consultations we’ll include accurate figures for return on investment.

IT consultation pricing

Initial conversation: FREE

If solution is acquired through our channels, consultation pricing is negotiable. So is the pricing for longer deployments.

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