Designed for graphic intensive tasks

A workstation is a high-performance computer that has enhanced graphics capabilities, powerful processor(s), large amounts of memory and can store a large amount of data.

Unlike a desktop computer, a workstation is engineered with higher grade components and specifications. A workstation is primarily designed for the professional user who works in design, technical or scientific backgrounds.

Lenovo ThinkStation P620 Workstation

A workstation runs applications that typically revolve around graphics and the software applications these workstations normally take advantage of processor, memory and in particular the graphics card with a GPU. Both AMD and NVIDIA manufacture graphics cards for a huge variety of applications.

At Fortuna Data we provide a range of towers, rack mount and portable workstations powered by either Intel or AMD with support for single or dual processors. The latest tower workstation we have is the Lenovo P920 running a choice of AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro processors.

There are workstations that can support 1, 2 or 4 graphics cards in a single chassis. These types of machines require a large power supply due to the amount of power the graphics card draws for example the new NVIDIA RTX-3090 requires 750W! A workstation has highly effective cooling to support the high-end graphics cards that are used in these machines.

Why buy a workstation?

As discussed above a workstation is designed to be used and many run 7×24 to carry out a variety of software tasks. In any business the fastest a task completes the faster it can move on to something else, for example if you have bought high end graphics workstations for video rendering and they can complete the task 30% faster than the previous models, then that business can increase its cash flow and workflow.

If you need some guidance in choosing , we’re here to help, drop us a brief summary of your requirements.

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