Providing Storage Technology To Protect Your Data

Within our website, we mention multiple types of data storage technology from a simple NAS through to an enterprise-class storage array.  We provide both software and hardware products that are suitable for long-term continuous access 24x7x365, all products can be supplied with 5 years support, they deliver increased performance sometimes dramatically using all-flash storage or massively if using 14TB+ disk drives.

We even provide cloud products including cloud backup and archiving for desktops, notebooks and servers, Microsoft Azure Stack for on-premise cloud solutions and hyper-converged infrastructure to provide private cloud functionality.


In addition to the storage, we can provide a completely new multi-gigabit Ethernet or Fibre Channel network to ensure your storage performs and doesn’t have any bottlenecks.  In addition to this, we provide software to identify, backup, manage and migrate your data to differing storage technologies including the cloud.

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