IT hardware is a critical aspect of most businesses. Even we think it’s fair to say that IT Hardware is perhaps the driest of Software, Cloud and Hardware but let’s not forget:

  • The unquestionable speed of an onsite all-flash SAN, allowing your financial market access speeds to surpass the competition.
  • The flexibility to scale your blade server appropriately when the board decides to onboard a chunk of new employees.
  • The connectivity that delivers your sales peoples emails to their customers.
  • The awesome post-production work that comes from your workstations.

The quiet whir from the machines, telling you your company is living, breathing and thriving…


The right solution matters

If you know exactly what you need already that’s great.

If not, that’s cool! We know all too well that there’s a vast quantity of hardware to choose-from, it can seem like a bit of a minefield when navigating accordingly to make a new purchase.

A mistake here can be costly, and consequentially catastrophic for an organization. We would never want a customer, and their business to suffer such fate, therefore we’re here to help and offer our expertise.

In fact, we’ll even do much of the hard work for you.

All you need to do is let us know some information:

  • Your current Cloud solution.
  • Your businesses requirements.
  • Your current Software solution.
  • You current Hardware solution.
  • The pros about your current IT infrastructure.
  • The cons about your current IT infrastructure.

(Not all information is required, but is recommended as this will help us optimise your IT solution.)

This stuff is important, but we make it easy!

Initiating supporting you in your acquisition is as simple as that.

Sure, you’ve still got to make an important decision about the electrical backbone of your organization, no pressure!

Just kidding, you’ll feel little pressure. When you choose to work with us you’ll be provided with not just one carefully thought through consultative quote, but 3 ranging across a price range thanks to part of our value add.

This provides our customers with lots of consultative advice for each solution helping them to form a sound and appropriately informed decision for their purchase.

We have access to the full spectrum of IT hardware ranging from: Servers, Workstations to Tape Storage.

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