Composable Infrastructure What is it?

How does a composable infrastructure work?

We provide composable infrastructure solutions to provide the flexibility and agility a data centre needs for data-intensive computing. A composable infrastructure also supports I.T.’s move to become more flexible and increase the speed of deployments through DevOps and be more dynamic with Kubernetes and containers.

The I.T. department needs to become more flexible and agile with available resources and storage infrastructures are moving away from static, fixed resources to become an elastic cloud, orchestrated by, you guessed it, composable infrastructure.

Composable Infrastructure

What is a Composable Infrastructure?

A composable infrastructure provides greater business value, to provide the ability to flexibly create, adapt, deploy and redeploy logical servers using pools of dis-aggregated, heterogeneous compute, storage and network fabric.

With Composable, you can simply and quickly program exactly the servers needed per application or workload and eliminate stranded resources across clusters. Composable gives you cloud agility and scalability, and fundamentally different economics.

Building a composable datacentre can be achieved by using disaggregated, heterogeneous building block components, requiring just a single diskless server and a single JBOD (Just a Bunch of Drives) or eBOD (Ethernet attached Box of Drives) to create an enormous array of logical server designs.

Failed drives or compute nodes can be replaced through software, and compute and storage are scaled or upgraded independently. Composable infrastructure provides a business with the ability to quickly and easily determine optimal resource requirements and adapt ratios of resources for deployed applications, composable data centre won’t leave resources stranded or underutilized.

Moving from Siloed Clusters to Composable Infrastructure

Today, most data-intensive applications run in siloed clusters which exacerbate the effects of stranded capital and cause operational complexity. Look for composable solutions that eliminate the need to create many isolated clusters to support the “optimal” pre-configured SKU per workload.

Composable infrastructure creates cost-efficient, elastic cloud infrastructure in any data centre by enabling many different applications and workloads to run in the same cluster, each with its own logical server design that can be adapted on the fly, all securely separated with no ability to impede upon each other’s resources.

By using comprehensive Composable Infrastructure with its flexible design capabilities, you can add both HDDs and SSDs to the same compute node, create all-flash storage designs or build massive-scale object stores.

This makes composable solutions perfect for big data analytics, machine learning, tiered storage, cold storage, high performance NVMe storage, as well as, storage as a service and an array of additional use cases.

How a business benefits using a Composable Infrastructure

Moving from static to fluid infrastructure may sound like a big jump, so limber up…

Just kidding, Composable infrastructure doesn’t require a forklift upgrade.

Composable Infrastructure can be easily added to a current cluster and used for the expansion of that cluster. It’s a seamless way to get started and to see cost-savings from day one.

As the business asks for more digitisation and more analytics workloads, you’ll be able to meet the requests without overrunning your budget.

Deploying applications in a composable data centre will make it easier for IT to meet the needs of the business, while increasing speed to deployment and lowering infrastructure costs.

Efficient and seamlessly scalable operations will enable IT to respond quickly to the need for data-driven companies to reap the benefits of big data analytics, machine learning and IoT.

Once you experience the power and control provided by Composable Infrastructure, your static infrastructure will leave you feeling trapped in the past.

Why work with us?

We won’t confuse you with jargon, if you’re not super techy.

We’ll be honest, available and quote when we say and deliver on-time.

We drive innovation and improve efficiency to deliver next generation I.T. solutions to provide business value by delivering a flexible and dynamic composable infrastructure.

Get more out of your I.T. infrastructure

If you’re considering an upgrade of your current I.T. infrastructure, it’s worth hopping onto a discovery conversation with one of our experienced storage experts to discuss what would be best for your business and strategy.

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