Lenovo ThinkSystem DM

Unified Storage Array

Lenovo ThinkSystem DM are scalable, unified, hybrid or all flash storage system that are designed to provide high performance, simplicity, capacity, security, and high availability for large enterprises. Powered by the ONTAP software, Lenovo ThinkSystem DM delivers enterprise-class storage management capabilities with a wide choice of host connectivity options, flexible drive configurations, and enhanced data management features.

Lenovo ThinkSystem DM Unified Storage Array

The Lenovo ThinkSystem DM has been jointly developed by Lenovo and NetApp to provide a range of Unified Storage Arrays that provide the following:

  • All-Flash Array using NVMe
  • All-Flash Array using SSD
  • Hybrid Array using SSD & Hard Disks

The Lenovo ThinkSystem DM is a Unified Storage Array by this we mean it can provide the following protocols; FC, iSCSI, NFS, pNFS, SMB. The ThinkSystem DM models DM7100F & DM7000F can also provide NVMe/FC in addition to those listed above.

Driving the demand for high performance storage using flash are enterprise applications such as big-data analytics, unstructured data, and high-performance collaborative workloads, achieve faster insights and decision-making whilst accelerating delivery times for new software and services.

Lenovo ThinkSystem DM Product Tour

Cloud Investment with Lenovo Think System DM

Data Storage Solutions

Whilst many businesses having applications and services running in the cloud doesn’t mean your On-premise Lenovo ThinkSystem DM can’t also take advantage of this flexible elastic resource.

The Lenovo ThinkSystem DM series has been optimized to run ONTAP for private and hybrid cloud with secure multi-tenancy, quality of service (QoS), non-disruptive operations, and easily defined tiers of service.

To help you meet the demands of enterprise applications, DM Series hybrid tightly integrates with the industry-standard OpenStack cloud infrastructure. This enables you to build a private cloud that delivers a robust service-oriented IT architecture. For an enterprise-class hybrid cloud that offers predictable performance and availability, combine your DM Series storage array with Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP seamlessly integrates with and replicates data to multiple clouds, such as IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure. This way you are not locked into one cloud provider.

Extreme Availability, Non-disruptive Operations

Businesses have demanding availability requirements and the ThinkSystem DM Series enterprise storage is engineered to meet them. Highly reliable Lenovo hardware, innovative software, and sophisticated service analytics deliver 99.9999% (“six-9s”) availability or greater through a multi-layered approach.

Software and firmware updates, hardware repair and replacement, load balancing, and tech refreshes are performed real-time, with no need for planned downtime.

Integrated data protection technologies protect your data, accelerate recovery, and integrate with leading backup applications for easier management.

Metro-cluster expands your data protection to eliminate risk of data loss by synchronously mirroring data between locations for nonstop availability of information. You can configure a Metro-cluster storage array to mirror data within a single data centre, or between two different locations up to 700Km away.

Lenovo ThinkSystem DM Management

Lenovo XClarity management software seamlessly integrates and manages all of your Lenovo ThinkSystem servers, storage, and networking together.

NetApp Software / Lenovo Hardware

Lenovo ThinkSystem DM runs ONTAP 9.x on Lenovo award winning hardware that can scale up to 88.4 PB for NAS or up to 44.2 PB for SAN environments.

Lenovo ThinkSystem DM F All Flash Storage – These use a combination of NVMe & SSD drives. The DM7000F & DM7100F also support NVMeOF (NVMe over Fibre Chanel).

ThinkSystem DM5000F : ThinkSystem DM7000F : ThinkSystem DM7100F

Lenovo ThinkSystem DM H Hybrid – These use a combination of SSD drives & Hard Disk Drives.

ThinkSystem DM3000H : ThinkSystem DM5000H : ThinkSystem DM7000H : ThinkSystem DM7100H

Lenovo & NetApp Partnership

Lenovo NetApp Partnership

The two companies are co-developing the largest range of new Lenovo-branded storage products that combine NetApp’s industry-leading all-flash data management solutions with Lenovo’s award-winning ThinkSystem infrastructure. These new products will utilize core software technology from NetApp and will be manufactured by Lenovo, leveraging Lenovo’s world-class supply chain, which is ranked in the top five by Gartner for all global technology companies.

“In today’s global economy, customers demand new approaches to IT infrastructures that support their digital transformation; through this partnership, Lenovo and NetApp will offer a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions and service that is unrivalled in the market today,” said George Kurian, Chief Executive Officer, NetApp. “Combining our complementary strengths in customer-centric innovation, Lenovo and NetApp will establish a new standard to accelerate our customers’ success.”

“Lenovo and NetApp are uniquely positioned to deliver the next-generation of high performance data management solutions across the globe offering customers unprecedented new performance, value and choice,” said Kirk Skaugen, Executive Vice President, Lenovo and President, Lenovo Data Center Group. “Lenovo, now the world’s fastest growing server company, remains committed to our vision of being the most trusted data center partner for our customer’s digital transformation. We are bringing these new storage and data management solutions immediately to companies in more than 160 countries with an unmatched supply chain and services network, and through an ever-strengthening global channel partner ecosystem.”

Finally, the DE series steps in as the low-cost alternatives and come with lower capacity and performance targets call us for more information.

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