Komprise founders started the company to address a gap in innovation for managing massively growing volumes of unstructured data which was creating complexity and stretching IT budgets from the endless need to buy more storage. According to industry analysts, the world will store 200 zettabytes of data by 2025.

In talking to IT leaders, the founders learned that they didn’t want a solution that would control access to their data and create vendor lock-in. With their combined background in distributed fault-tolerant computing, Kumar Goswami, Krishna Subramanian and Mike Peercy embarked on a journey in 2014 to build an unstructured data management and mobility SaaS platform that was storage agnostic and could look across all data storage technologies, sit to the side and not in front of hot data, and deliver powerful analytics to help enterprise IT teams right-place unstructured data for maximum cost savings. Importantly, they strove to develop a solution that would not disrupt user access: a significant pain point of moving data to the cloud. A patent in Transparent Move Technology (TMT) followed, and today Komprise is helping customers efficiently tag and move distinct data sets to the cloud for archival storage and to feed cloud-native machine learning and AI tools as well as modern data lakes, cloud data warehouses and data lakes.

Komprise is one platform to manage all your unstructured data. We work with large enterprises across several verticals

  • including life sciences, healthcare, financial services, higher education, public sector and media and entertainment
  • so they can save up to 70% on storage and backup costs while achieving an easier, faster path to the cloud where file and object data can be leveraged for new value.
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