IT as a Service

Designed to allow businesses a flexible way to reduce CAP-EX, IT as a Service is the new offering from Fujitsu called uScale.

Budgets are tight and technology moves fast, typically a company will set aside an annual budget to purchase IT equipment and this has been the case for years.  The issues with this are as follows:

  • IT departments spend months researching the Pros and Cons of many IT solutions to decide if they will work for the business
  • During this time something new appears that the business isn’t aware of, and this would be a perfect fit, if only they knew
  • A global pandemic hits and the business must rely on using outdated equipment for a few more years
  • The global supply chain grinds to a halt and it now takes 3-6 months to receive anything
  • Inflation increases faster than ever, energy and fuel costs skyrocket
  • The business doesn’t hit the profits it expected and is forced to make cutbacks and the IT department needs to have a rethink
  • The original IT budget now looks a little bit light, and the business is forced to find more money or purchase IT equipment that will do the job for now

Is this a familiar story?

Wouldn’t it be great to purchase IT equipment the same way you pay for your mobile phone bill via a monthly subscription?  Well now there is, Fujitsu are offering a way for you to grow or shrink your IT via a simple solution called uSCALE and this is IT as a Service. This delivers flexible, on-premises IT infrastructure as-a-service solution via monthly consumption-based billing based on actual usage. uSCALE supports business resilience, increases financial and technical flexibility, and you gain freedom from up-front investments. It helps to improve time-to market by leveraging pre-provisioned buffer capacity that is deployed in your data centre ahead of business needs.

This allows a business to bring their infrastructure up to date and adapt to constantly changing requirements. It simplifies the handling of technologies, increases agility, and reduces costs.

Fujitsu uScale IT as a Service

Enhanced Flexibility

Quicker response to changing business and customer needs

Increased Agility

Enhances businesses to grow faster and shortens the purchasing cycle

Cloud like

Eliminate up front capital costs via a consumption-based offering

No provisioning risk

Scale up or down on demand with built-in buffer capacity

Clear future planning

Improve utilisation and reduce over provisioning

Fujitsu uScale Infographic

Fujitsu uScale Brochure

Talk to us about your IT plans and how we can help you reduce your CAP-EX.

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