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We’re here to help you in choosing the right type of data storage solution for your business. With decades of experience and years spent working with global storage vendors and providers of software and hardware, we like to think that we understand all types of IT requirements. Working with companies in all industry sectors from Law through to Aerospace each has their own way of working and storing data.

How Much?

Do you think you are being overcharged for your IT? Complete the form below indicating what you are interested in purchasing and we will endeavour to beat that price. It doesn’t matter what IT equipment you need i.e. data storage, software, memory, monitors, computers etc.

We always strive to delivery outstanding value, support and services. If you would like to find out how competitive we are please complete the form below.

Please complete as much detail as you can in the message field.

Deal Registration

Let’s suppose you wanted to purchase 50 high powered workstations.

You would tell us the following:

  • Manufacturers model, part number and unique requirement if any
  • Competitive model/information
  • Timeframe to purchase

We then register this opportunity with the distributor who in turn registers the opportunity with the manufacturer. Now here is the important part, providing you have registered the opportunity with us first this would normally ensure that you ultimately receive the lowest price, it might even be lower than that of your existing supplier!

It’s always good to shop around and have 2-3 IT providers. Next time you have an opportunity to purchase a large quantity of IT equipment give us a call and we might just save you some money.

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