CTERA Cloud NAS Solutions


CTERA’s mission is to enable cloud-driven enterprise IT organisations to deliver secure file services. We believe modern organisations should be able to harness the agility, scalability, collaboration and cost efficiencies of the cloud, without compromising the performance, availability or security of their data.

We Live in the Cloud… and Breathe Security

CTERA Networks was founded in 2008 by IT security veterans, who anticipated the digital transformation that cloud computing would bring to enterprise IT, as well as the challenges it presented for infrastructure management, data governance, privacy and security.

In a world where data flows between clouds, offices and endpoints – CTERA has focused on building a secure enterprise file services platform that centrally manages the file storage, control and governance needs of the modern enterprise.

Infinite Capacity

Gain infinite storage capacity without adding hardware through intelligent edge caching and elastic cloud scale

Modern Collaboration

Deliver modern remote working solutions by helping distributed office and WFH users store, access, and collaborate on files efficiently from any device or location

Secure Multi-Cloud

Control data sovereignty and enable GDPR compliance with best-of-breed infrastructure ranging from 100% private to public and hybrid cloud storage solutions

80% Cost Reduction

Replace traditional storage and backup systems with a cloud file system powered by software-defined file services over object storage

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