Protecting Data from Fire & Flood

As a partner of ioSafe we are able to provide the complete range of NAS storage solutions for protecting valuable business or family data against fire, flood, theft, shock etc.

Each ioSafe can withstand the following:


DataCast endothermic fire insulation technology is fireproof up to 1550°F for 30 minutes, meaning the NAS will withstand a typical office or home fire. Our engineering team thoroughly tests our devices to make sure they meet this standard to protect the disk drives installed in the interior of the device.

fire protection


HydroSafe technology waterproofs its hard drives in submersion of up to 10 feet for 72 hours. While this protects data in flooding situations caused by hurricane or swollen rivers, more typical scenarios involve a business’s IT infrastructure being sprayed by a faulty fire sprinkler system, a leaking HVAC system, or a broken pipe. (Not to mention the fire department’s hose in case of fire!)

Theft Protection

Built with a Kensington security slot and with an optional floor mount and padlock kit available, the 1019+ device can be physically secured on your premises.

Capacity to Grow

ioSafe NAS are prepared for the demands placed on an organization caused by business growth or simply the explosion of data we’re all facing. By purchasing optional expansion units allow you to scale to 100’s TB’s knowing that your data is completely protected, they can be configured in multiple RAID modes for speed and redundancy.

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