Cloud Storage

We provide affordable cloud storage for data, backup, archiving, DR, remote access or a second copy of your data with unlimited capacity and continuous uptime, it can store any type of data.

All cloud data is located in a tier 4 UK data centre (one of 12 globally), is low cost, fast, reliable secure, scalable and immutable! There are no hidden fees and no long term contracts, just a 30 day rolling contract.

Cloud Storage
  • Unlike other cloud vendors our cloud storage is just FAST
  • We do not charge for ingress, egress or application connectivity (API) fees
  • It is 100% Amazon S3 compatible, if it runs on Amazon now, it will run here
  • Immutable storage buckets protect you against data loss and ransomware attacks
  • High availability 11×9’s of data durability
  • Fully supports versioning, to stop lost files
  • Secured with AES 256 encryption in transit and at rest

Software Application Support

We provide storage that fully supports all of the following software vendors to integrate seamlessly with super scalable fast storage.

Affordable Cloud Storage

Offering a storage service with no hidden costs or charges. No more confusing storage tiers and trying to figure out the most cost effective way of storing cloud data, just a single flat rate for all your data that is fast, reliable and scalable. Starting with 10TB’s and rising to multi-petabyte storage is simple and instantly available.

Easy to setup and manage

Quick and easy setup has you up and running in minutes. With a simple web console to setup storage buckets, create user rights and system policies. Just drop and drag files from your desktop straight to the cloud for quick and convenient access.

Cloud Storage use cases

Storing large datasets couldn’t be easier at a far lower cost than other cloud vendors Amazon/Google/Microsoft are charging. Use cloud for creating second copies of backups or critical data. With full data encryption and protection with the added benefit of using immutable storage to secure data from any form of attack.

Some of the use cases for cloud storage are listed below and there are many more.

Want to know more?

With more businesses using the cloud, this provides a multi cloud approach at a far more affordable price for protecting and storing data. Please contact us for more details, pricing and a trial for you to test and use.

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