Cloud Solutions

At Fortuna we provide a variety of cloud solutions some of which are below. Today businesses are using the cloud for all sorts of applications and business requirements and we provide a comprehensive array of cloud solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you don’t see what you want here or want to do something different ask us.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Archive

This is a solution that allows a business to identify data by type, file size, age and then decide where to put it including the cloud. It can also help with data consolidation by sorting data from storage pools and storing it in a single location.

Here is a link to the complete Cloud Archive article.

Cloud NAS

This is a very smart solution with businesses who have a high number of employees, large data files or poor WAN links. Quite simply a Cloud NAS caches all of the local files for fast access and sync’s the data with your cloud provider. It doesn’t matter if the file is a spreadsheet or RAW video footage accessing the file appears as if it resides on a local storage array. One other amazing benefit of this technology is that it uses a global namespace and as such with the correct permissions someone in Spain can view the files immediately created in London with no delays.

Here is the link to the Cloud NAS article we have written on this topic.

Cloud Backup

There is a huge choice of software to provide backup for applications and servers to various storage locations including local, remote or cloud. Backing up to the cloud makes perfect sense if you have enough WAN bandwidth and are not sending 100’s TB’s per day and preferably use backup software that can perform continuous data protection. Another very useful feature of the backup software is to have the ability to utilise immutable storage for backups. By taking advantage of immutable storage your data residing in the cloud cannot be altered by hackers and ransomware.

Here is the link to the Cloud Backup article we have written on this topic.

Cloud Storage

At Fortuna we provide affordable Cloud Storage from UK based datacentres. The storage is provided within minutes of you signing up for Terabytes or Petabytes of data as a cloud service that providing 11×9’s data availability.

There are cost savings against Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure at 5x the speed with NO INGRESS or EGRESS charges!

Cloud Storage

We provide highly flexible storage to store many different types of data for backup, archiving or file access. We provide all the cloud management tools for you to manage your own cloud buckets, user access writes, permissions, integration, versioning, and immutable storage (object-lock).

The cloud storage is based on object storage that is 100% Amazon S3 compliant providing an easy route to moving data from alternative cloud storage providers with none of the hidden fees or charges.

If you have a data storage solution that supports Amazon S3 API’s then we can connect!  There are no cloud tiers i.e. fast, slow, cold, just a single fast tier!

Our pricing model is simple with no fees for ingress/ingress or API requests. It is there when you want scalable and flexible high performing storage for storing business critical data. This is Enterprise Cloud Storage that offers real savings against the public cloud storage providers.

There are no 90-day termination charges, all you pay for is the final month once you have given notice.

Put your business in control of your cloud storage strategy. Why should you be locked into a cloud provider who every month sends a bill for far more than you estimated? You have a choice just like when you go to the supermarket. Remember it is your data and you are in control. Once we provide cloud storage to you it is yours for as long as you pay the bill. Create as many users, policies, groups and buckets as you like, but please don’t lose the keys otherwise it’s gone.

We fully support versioning and immutability.  Object Lock is a data protection feature wherein a user can designate certain files or “objects” to be immutable, meaning they cannot be altered or deleted by anyone. Via the policies of data management applications, users set an allotted time for an object to be immutable, after which it can be altered or deleted. This protects critical data against ransomware attacks, a key factor in the world today.

Object Lock can help organisations with certain government and industry regulations like HIPAA, FINRA, and CJIS for securing and preserving electronic records, transaction data, and activity logs.

If you would like to know more contact us.

Hybrid Cloud

Powering digital transformation

Hybrid cloud is, for most organisations, the logical choice for tomorrow’s increasing digital workloads. Network World reports, “All that software that’s enabling this transformation toward digital experiences has to run somewhere… For any company of substantial size, the application portfolio will be diverse enough that some applications will run best on a public cloud while others are better suited for a private cloud. By taking a hybrid cloud approach, companies can maximise their deployment flexibility for individual applications within the portfolio.”

Hybrid Cloud

The road to hybrid is complex. Digital leaders are:

  • deploying hybrid systems,
  • cloudifying their on-premise infrastructure,
  • virtualising to eke out maximum value,
  • converging disparate systems for a single operational surface,
  • layering on management and automation interfaces.

Cloud-like infrastructure, processes, and operations on premises, wedded to public cloud environments through consistent operations, observability, and automation, deliver a hybrid cloud 2.0 fit for continuous innovation and digital resilience.”

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