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Data Storage Solutions - Fortuna Data

Fortuna Data is a UK based IT solutions provider

Fortuna Data is an independent specialist IT solutions provider offering a wide range of data centre, cloud and remote office solutions.  We understand businesses are generating data 24x7 and we are experts at providing IT solutions that ensure it runs continuously so that your business can expand and grow.

Fortuna Data has extensive industry knowledge throughout the team.  We understand the significance of maintaining backups, archives, data availability, replication etc and the challenges we help to overcome. We maintain a 100% customer centric focus at all times and work hard to respond, resolve and deliver the solutions we provide.

We don’t have swarms of sales people to churn through call lists and deliver a failed methodology of ‘one-size fits all solutions’ with their sales pitches that they hammer to their prospects…No, no.

Thanks to our enabling size we can afford to take the time to truly understand customer requirements and help optimise your IT strategy.  Our largest customers have revenues in excess of £1B per year, so being small doesn't stop us from delivering truly world class solutions and we have been working with them for 20+ years!

Some of the companies we have helped over the years are listed here.

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We help businesses navigate their way through information technology by helping them to choose the best technology.

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Data Storage Solutions - Fortuna Data
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