Lenovo ThinkSystem DE6600F

Flash Storage Array

Designed for Tier 0 I/O intensive applications, the Lenovo ThinkSystem DE6600F flash storage array offers breakthrough performance and scale, along with enterprise-proven availability features supporting enterprise workloads, such as Big Data analytics, artificial intelligence, and databases.

The Lenovo ThinkSystem DE6600F delivers 2.0M sustained IOPS and sub-100 microsecond response times. It generates up to 44GBps of read throughput, enough for even your most bandwidth-intensive workloads and can expanded to support a storage capacity of 1.841PB!

Lenovo ThinkSystem DE6600F

The Lenovo ThinkSystem DE6600F offers connectivity choices and impressive storage capacities up to 367TB in a 2U form factor, with expansion to support an additional four 24 bay 2U chassis. Offered with a wide choice of interface options to choose:

  • 4x 200Gb NVMe/IB, NVMe/RoCE, SRP/IB and iSER/IB
  • 8x 100GB NVMe/IB, NVMe/RoCE, iSER/IB, SRP/IB
  • 16x 32Gb FC supports FC iSCSI and NVMe/FC
  • 16x 25Gb iSCSI

The easy-to-use management interface makes complex administrative storage tasks simple, including setup in less than 15 minutes with the Rapid Deployment Wizard. The same interface is used across the DE Series family allowing for flexible IT administration.

Lenovo ThinkSystem DE6600F Features Highlights

  • Redundant components with automated failover
  • Intuitive storage management with comprehensive tuning functions
  • Advanced monitoring and diagnostics with proactive repair
  • Snapshot copy creation, volume copy, and asynchronous mirroring for data protection.
  • Data assurance for data integrity and protection against silent data corruption
  • Industry-leading price/performance for enterprise workloads
  • Flash storage array capabilities and NVMe over Fabrics
  • Supercapacitor backup provides longer duration and less servicing than battery, for greater uptime
  • Other key features include Rapid RAID Rebuild, Rapid Tiering, asynchronous replication, multiprotocol support, Active/Active controllers, and Lenovo XClarity integration

Lenovo ThinkSystem DE6600F Uncompromising performance

Lenovo ThinkSystem DE6600F Rear View

The Lenovo ThinkSystem DE6600F delivers higher IOPS and low latency through the Rapid Data Placement Engine, at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. Designed for speed within a cost-optimised architecture, the DE6600F delivers superior cost/GB without compromising performance. It’s equipped with storage tiering, high availability, thin provisioning, and other enterprise-class features. This provides your business with a solid foundation to grow, while delivering the best price for performance in its class.

  • High performance 24x NVMe SSDs 15.29 TB
  • 2,000,000 IOPS
  • 120 (24 NVMe + 96 SAS SSD)

You no longer need to decide between faster access to information and lowering the cost of your IT infrastructure. The Lenovo ThinkSystem DE6600F allows you to save money while maintaining operational excellence.

How can we help?

As a fully accredited Lenovo DSG partner we can provide support, configuration advice and evaluation systems for you to test in your environment. If you would like to know more please contact using the details below.

Lenovo ThinkSystem DE6600F Datasheet

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