12 reasons why customers love HPE Nimble Storage

All Flash Optimised Storage Solution

HPE Nimble Storage offers a top-notch customer experience. With its Artificial Intelligence, it predicts and avoids outages and self-adjusts app performance and resources for optimal efficiency.

Customers adore HPE Nimble Storage for a variety of reasons. From its simplicity and performance to flexibility and affordability, the technology offers plenty of perks. With top-notch customer service, it’s easy to see why so many individuals are enthralled with this product.

Nimble Storage

Artificial Intelligence

HPE Nimble Storage’s unique predictive analytics have reinvented infrastructure. With HPE InfoSight’s powerful machine learning, 86% of issues can be detected and solved before customers even notice they exist – not only for the array but across the entire stack. HPE InfoSight eliminates the guesswork from storage management, guiding customers on how to enhance performance, optimise resources and plan ahead. It also offers a cloud-based portal to make taking advantage of these features simple.

Predictive Support

Predictive support automation has revolutionised HPE Nimble customer service, providing direct access to Level 3 expert engineers and eliminating the need for customers to be passed through Levels 1 and 2. This has dramatically reduced the time spent resolving storage-related trouble tickets by up to 85%, with a 69% faster resolution rate for events that require Level 3 intervention. Overall, this has resulted in 73% fewer support tickets being opened.

Effortless Experience

HPE Nimble Storage offers a radically simple user experience, with no knobs or configurations and always-on data services. App aware intelligence helps reduce performance and efficiency trade-offs, and users can even self-install the system in minutes. Thanks to HPE Nimble Storage’s effortless lifecycle, customers save 79% in IT operational costs while spending less time managing storage and firefighting. For an easy storage solution, opt for Nimble Storage.

Timeless Storage

Invest in Timeless Storage for HPE Nimble and gain a one-of-a-kind ownership experience, encompassing everything from a satisfaction guarantee to controller upgrades. Enjoy unsurpassed peace of mind with six-nines availability assurance, data reduction guarantee, and all-inclusive software – all making sure you maximise your investment protection in the long run.

Scale to fit

HPE Nimble scale-to-fit allows you to quickly and seamlessly increase capacity and performance of an operating system without any disruption. Additionally, you can join up to four arrays together with the transparent volume mobility function, consequently achieving linear scalability in both performance as well as capacity.

Hybrid Cloud

Enable the power of true hybrid cloud: HPE Nimble multi-cloud flash fabric leverages data services seamlessly across on-premises primary and secondary storage, and public clouds. Management is automated using a unified operating system, enabling the swift transfer of data between on-premise and cloud. The result? An array of hybrid and multi-cloud use cases including dual-directional data migration, cost efficient DR or backup in the cloud, hybrid test/dev opportunities as well as analytics, and fast CI/CD pipelines for containerised workloads in multiple clouds.

Optimum Reliability

Nimble has demonstrated high reliability, achieving an installed base availability of 99.9999%. With HPE InfoSight, the resilient architecture is further improved, allowing for potential issues to be identified and addressed before they become an issue for your business. They guarantee this quality of service for every array and customer.

Complete Data Protection

Nimble provides extreme data integrity and durability without having to compromise on performance. Triple+ Parity RAID is standard, and unlike RAID 5 or 6, offers orders of magnitude more resiliency with no performance impact. The innovative architecture can handle three simultaneous drive failures and also employs intra-drive parity for additional security, so customers don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Managed Service

With HPE Nimble Storage and HPE GreenLake, you can access a managed service that runs on-premises with a pay-per-use approach. This helps your team focus on innovation, gives you more rapid application deployment times, and prevents unnecessary upfront investment and expenditure. At the same time, it ensures that your resources are optimally allocated, and you have transparency over the usage of your data.


HPE Nimble Storage dHCI offers a powerful HCI experience, providing an intelligent platform that separates compute and storage while streamlining control via hyperconvergence. Its architecture is remarkably flexible and HPE InfoSight bolsters the platform, delivering fast application performance, continuous data protection, and resource optimisation for virtualised environments.

Lower costs for Data Protection

Deliver on your recovery SLAs quickly and easily using HPE’s integrated, app-aware backup and recovery solution. Nimble All Flash Arrays replicate natively to Nimble Adaptive Flash Arrays or Cloud Volumes for cost-efficient DR. Make the switch to HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, a secure cloud-based enterprise backup service—pay only for what you use! This simple, flexible solution enables direct seamless backup from your Nimble Array to the cloud.

Customer Experience

HPE Nimble has provided immense value for customers and IT administrators every year, thanks to its capabilities simplifying business demands and elevating the user experience. This radical simplicity and improved support have received an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Gartner Peer Insights, with those using it seeing impressive results in a variety of enterprise-critical applications.

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