Remote Server / Edge Server

What is it?

An edge server or remote is typically a server that allows for remote connectivity, and can also be a server which needs to operate in a remote location.

The edge server does both of the above.

An edge server is designed to sit on the edge of a network either LAN or WAN to provide connectivity locally, remotely or both to applications and content to the client machines.

An example of where an edge server being needed would be in a field office where the only connectivity is 4G LTE (5G coming), thus allowing connectivity to the internet or main office with the ability, locally to provide the compute, network and storage.

Houston, we have a problem!

Cooling a server normally requires an air conditioning unit as servers generate heat and can normally be generating in excess of 2,200 BTU/hr okay in the winter, but not so good in the Summer.

Therefore, data centre servers aren’t the right solution whereas a small compact, powerful and secure remote server would fit the bill perfectly.

Luckily, there’s a company out there who address the above problems and are setting a hot trend, and we can see why…

My bad, we’re good.

Lenovo have produced the Lenovo SE350 Edge Server, a fantastic remote server that supports an Intel-D processor with up to 16 cores.

It is ultra-small h: 1.7” x w 8.2” x d 14.8”, you can stack them horizontally/vertically, on a wall/ceiling or mount them in a computer rack, they support dual power inputs of 240W each and generate 783 BTU/hr using dual power supplies or 48v DC.

Connect using Ethernet 10GbE, 1GbE or 100Mb, Wirelessly or 4G LTE. It also runs full versions of Microsoft Windows Server 2016/2019, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, VMware ESXi, Ubuntu Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise. With support for up to 10 M.2 drives and hardware RAID if required.

The Lenovo SE350 Edge Server, the most versatile remote server, also has a bunch of physical and electronic security measures to protect the data at the remote office, including Kensington lock and locking front bezel. As well as being rugged and secure for true mobility as well as being tamper resistant and encrypted.

The applications or use cases are numerous, video surveillance such as facial recognition, ROBO, factory floors, transport and field offices are just a few ideas.

If you work for a business that has multiple remote offices/stores, and are having difficulty with connectivity and want to deploy a server remotely then we have the solution for you.

At Fortuna Data we are a Lenovo partner, talk to us now about how this next generation of technology is really making a big impact in the way businesses work.

Visit our web page for more details lenovo-thinksystem-se350

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