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If you are looking for something unusual, not matter how bizarre we may know of something that fits your requirement.


The storage products we provide are from reputable vendors who deliver products that are designed to work continuously with very little maintenance.


We provide support directly or in-directly using the manufacturers to provide on-site service up to 7x24x365.

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Providing Data Storage to Industry

The data storage industry covers a vast range of products from a simple NAS through to a highly available ultra fast storage system to manage film production.  We provide solutions that meet the criteria of your business i.e. no single points of failure. Alternatively, you may call us and ask for a 12 bay Microsoft Certified JBOD or an archiving solution that can store thousands of documents for 50+ years.  Having been in business for 24 years we have seen many companies come and go, we would like to think based on our experience we work with the ones that are here for the long term and not just in it to make money and run.

We work with companies, governments, education, healthcare and foreign businesses to deliver IT solutions that make a difference to how people work.  We don’t work in vertical markets or confine ourselves to sell brand “X” systems.  It’s not about the vendors it’s about what your business needs in order to grow and prosper.  Our partner vendors are available to visit, discuss and plan exactly what you need within the time frames you set.

We provide data storage solutions from world recognised brand names and some are new and you wouldn’t have heard of them.  The storage systems we provide protect your data and will perform day in day out until you decide to replace it.

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We won’t confuse you with jargon, we’ll be honest, available and quote when we say and deliver on-time.  Regarding pricing, we try to be as competitive as everyone else.  If you are after a solution and you come to us first we will pass on any savings during the registration process.



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