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NetApp AFF FAS All-Flash Array

The NetApp AFF FAS is the world’s first and fastest enterprise all-flash storage that is powered by end-to-end NVMe. The AFF 800 array delivers low latency and massive throughput powered by a combination of NVMe SSDs and NVMe/FC connectivity. Plus the most cloud-integration choices for your artificial-intelligence workflow.

World’s Fastest Flash Array

The NetApp AFF A800 array delivers ultra-low latency of below 200 microsecond and massive throughput of 300 GB/s. With a maximum storage capacity of 700PB delivering over 11.4 million IOPS the A800 is the performance leader in all flash array storage.

The NetApp AFF A-Series harnesses the power of ONTAP and OnCommand software to deliver data management and protection, high efficiency, performance, and 99.9999% availability.
Features and Software Included with ONTAP Software

  • Efficiency: FlexVol®, inline deduplication, inline compression, inline compaction, and thin provisioning
  • Availability: Active-Active HA pair and Multipath I/O
  • Data protection: RAID-DP®, RAID TEC, and Snapshot®
  • Synchronous replication for disaster recovery: MetroCluster™
  • Performance Control: Adaptive quality of service (QoS), balanced placement
  • Management: OnCommand® Workflow Automation, System Manager, and Unified Manager
  • Scalable NAS container: FlexGroup

Flash Bundle

  • All storage protocols supported (FC, FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, pNFS, SMB)
  • SnapRestore®: Back up and restore entire Snapshot copies in seconds
  • SnapMirror®: Simple, flexible replication for backup and disaster recovery
  • FlexClone®: Instant virtual copies of files, LUNs, and volumes
  • SnapCenter®: Unified, scalable platform and plug-in suite for application-consistent data protection and clone management
  • SnapManager®: Application-consistent data backup and recovery for enterprise applications

Extended Value Software (optional)

  • NVMeTM over Fibre Channel (NVMe/FC) protocol: faster and more efficient host connection than original Fibre Channel
  • OnCommand Insight: Flexible, efficient resource management for heterogeneous environments
  • SnapLock®: Compliance software for write once, read many (WORM) protected data
  • Volume Encryption (free license): Granular, volume-level, data-at-rest encryption
  • FabricPool: Automatic data tiering to the cloud

NetApp AFF Datasheet

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