We have been dealing with BT for the past 6-7 years using BT VOIP which was fine.  In September 2017 we were informed that this service was being terminated in December 2017 and will be replaced with BT Cloud Voice.  Now herein lies the tale, we were under the impression for many years that we were dealing with BT when in fact we have been dealing with www.btlocalbusiness.co.uk who to all intents and purposes masquerade as BT and are in fact BT partners and not only that BT share your information with these partners even though we pay BT directly.

We received a quote that was almost double what we are currently paying and when I questioned what services will be terminated they could not tell me.  After many frustrated weeks in dealing with BT local business I called BT to cancel all our contracts and we were moving to Virgin Media.

When I was told that we cannot cancel BT services as we have renewed a service back in June for a further 3 years for “Featureline Compact”.  I told them I did not as we were intending to move in the Summer.  So, BT raised a “Mis-Selling case and gave me an IMP reference”, sounds like PPI all over again.

Since 30th October I have been trying to get this matter resolved.  So, I looked up Featureline Compact and why they are charging £75.60 per quarter, to my horror I found out that this service should have been terminated 6-7 years ago when we switched to BT VOIP.  So, BT now owes my business a substantial amount of money for a service we don’t use and should have been terminated when we switched to BT VOIP.

Today 22nd November I have called BT this week alone 4 times waiting for them to answer and speak to someone about my case totaling at least 2 hours.  Every time they say someone will call you back, now today I have been told 2 days ago another IMP reference has been raised so that matter needs to be dealt with again.

So, all the other UK utilities you can switch Electricity, Gas, Water with Phones you cannot, and this is where the problem lies.  BT has a complete monopoly of how they conduct business with customers and can do what they like when they like.  Until this government acts and breaks up this monopoly our broadband services will remain in the slow lane.  Why not spend the billions of HS2 money on a UK nationwide fibre rollout to every home so that the whole country benefits and it is managed by more than one company and not a monopoly?

So, my business is at the mercy of BT, when 5G arrives BT will need to re-think its business as the speed 100-150Mbs is way faster than what we currently receive.  We will no longer have to pay for BT line standing charges and there are 4-5 mobile phone companies who will be able to offer it, so competition will play a part.

All those people reading this and using social media pass it on to colleagues to check what BT services you have and try to avoid the crappy situation we find ourselves in.

8th December – As a follow up to my call 29th November I was informed that the matter would be completely resolved within the next 7-10 days.  Today I call chasing progress and was told nothing has been done or escalated and someone would email me later today.  You just get passed around dept to dept, business to business.  How can people and businesses be expected to deal with such a shambles????