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Straight facts

Any business today needs to store data whether that data resides in the cloud or on premise a business would normally have a SAN and NAS.

If the data is on-premise it will reside on a NAS or SAN storage or both. With the projected growth in data creation over the next 5 years there is now a huge variety of SAN and NAS storage solutions to choose from.

When choosing your storage, be sure to consider a solution that supports NVMe flash storage as this should help future proof your infrastructure for the next 5 years.

With 18TB drives now shipping, storing large amounts of unstructured data on a NAS is relatively simple.


With both SAN and NAS storage, things get really interesting when we look at how the data is protected.

A traditional method for storing data would be to use a RAID, but high capacity disk drives are posing a problem as the RAID rebuild times could take 1 week to finish the rebuild! Although, I must add that some high-end RAID systems automatically detect failing drives in advance and start migrating data intuitively.

Fear not all

A newer technology that is being deployed on both SAN and NAS storage products that is replacing RAID (Redundant Array Inexpensive Disks) is software defined storage where an object store is used.

Object storage uses individual servers with computer, networking, memory and storage in a cluster.

So rather than buying a big pool of storage upfront, object storage works by starting out with typically 3-nodes and adding more nodes as demand increases. The data is also distributed throughout the nodes and therefore provides a higher level of data protection over RAID.

If you need capacity could have 4-nodes with 32x 16TB drives with an extra sprinkling of NVMe spice for performance. The capacity would be somewhere in the region of 512TB just using hard disks!

All fun and games, but what about backup?

512TB backup will be a walk in the park…

Well actually, it is, in fact it’s a walk in the park on a warm summer’s day.

Converged Storage, makes backup a seamless task, and combines all of the following.

  • A scale out Object Store
  • NAS storage providing NFS & SMB
  • Complete DR across multiple sites
  • Data encryption at rest
  • Backup for your entire physical and virtual estate
  • Guaranteed SLA, RPO & RTO
  • Replication from One-2-Many or Many-2-One sites
  • ROBO
  • Backup locally or to the cloud
  • Built in data analytics
  • Simple to install and manage
  • Simplified site licensing and support

We know lots and love to share our knowledge

During the next 5 years the data storage landscape will change using NVMe, PCIe 4.0 and NVMeoF. Data is now doubling every 2 years and likely to increase with new applications and emerging technology such as 5G and IoT devices.

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