DataCore Software

Software Defined Storage

DataCore bridges the gap between the enterprise’s need to achieve real-time business and to leverage current and future IT assets to maximize resource utilization.

We pioneered software-defined storage. Our patented technology overcomes I/O bottlenecks, delivering dramatic performance improvements, and delivers high availability in a very simple and cost-effective way.

Over 10,000 deployments have the advantage of using DataCore. Today, we are bringing this technology to workload optimization.

  • Faster workloads: Up to 5X increase in performance
  • High availability: up to 100% reduction in storage-related downtime
  • Lower TCO: up to 25% reduction in storage investment

DataCore produces three types of storage management software

  • SANsymphony™ – The DataCore™ SANsymphony™ enterprise-class Software-defined Storage (SDS) platform provides a high-performance, highly available and agile storage infrastructure with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). DataCore SANsymphony infrastructure software takes isolated storage devices, sometimes spread between different locations, and places them under one common set of enterprise-wide services. It pools their collective resources, managing them centrally and uniformly despite the differences and incompatibilities among manufacturers, models and generations of equipment in use.
  • Hyperconverged Virtual SAN – Much of the interest in hyper-converged infrastructure comes from the promise of standard x86 servers in scale-out clusters to simplify management and eliminate complexity, resulting in reduced costs. Realisation of those promises depends largely on the ability of the software to perform advanced I/O functions, alongside application processing in these servers. Poor performance can be disguised by techniques that quietly force customers to spread workloads across many servers under the excuse of scaling out while latency-sensitive applications don’t see any performance improvement. DataCoreTM Hyper-Converged Virtual SAN software delivers a highly available and high performance solution for virtualized applications, including databases, in a cost-effective package.
  • MaxParallel™ – MaxParallel™ for Windows Server® makes workloads more responsive and productive by removing a number of software choke-points responsible for sluggish behaviour and underutilised resources. It’s especially effective during peak periods when many users or tasks compete for data access. Under these conditions, systems tend to bog down as simultaneous requests are serialised waiting on previous requests to complete. DataCore’s plug-and-play software schedules independent access to data in parallel, eliminating much of the queuing delays at the root of the problem. The process puts idle cores to work on these high-priority I/O-intensive demands to take full advantage of available resources.