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Lenovo Storage DX8200D – Software Defined Storage Solution

The Lenovo Storage DX8200D powered by DataCore appliances are part of the Lenovo portfolio of SDS systems. This versatile powerhouse incorporates industry-leading reliability, security, energy efficiency and world-class performance for business-critical applications and cloud deployments.

This appliance ships preconfigured and tested to easily deploy Software Defined Storage into your data center. The DataCore SANsymphony software optimizes storage infrastructure with the highest levels of performance, availability and utilization with innovation such as DataCore Parallel I/O Technology. In addition, the software takes isolated storage devices, sometimes spread between different locations, and places them under one common set of enterprise-wide services. It pools their collective resources, managing them centrally and uniformly despite the differences and incompatibilities among manufacturers, models and generations of equipment in use.

Surveyed DataCore customers report:

  • Lower cost of ownership: Up to 75 percent reduction in storage costs
  • Faster applications: Up to 10x performance increase
  • Higher availability: Up to 100 percent reduction in storage-related downtime
  • Greater productivity: Up to 90 percent decrease in time spent on routine storage tasks

The DX8200D is a perfect solution to get more efficiency and performance out of your storage infrastructure. With six different models, available as server SAN or storage virtualization, it’s easy to select the model that fits your needs, from small to large deployments. The DX8200D offers a flexible, scalable design and simple upgrade path.

The appliance also incorporates smart-energy features for data center savings, including 80 PLUS® Titanium power supplies for up to 96 percent efficiency and TruDDR4 Memory that uses 45 percent less energy than DDR3 memory. Lenovo systems accelerate performance across virtualized, transactional databases, high performance computing, and high frequency trading applications. Combined with the powerful Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 product family, the Lenovo system offers outstanding workload density, designed to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) per virtual machine.

DataCore SANsymphony Software

DataCore SANsymphony™ software is a comprehensive and scalable storage services platform designed to maximize the performance, availability and utilization of your IT assets, no matter how diverse they may be, or what topology you’ve chosen. The software runs in the data path and has visibility to all the read and write traffic generated by applications. It uses DataCore Parallel I/O Technology, in combination with the DX8200D’s powerful x86-64 processors and high-speed RAM caching to service read/write requests quickly, while automatically moving data between spinning disks and flash to optimize performance. Data is mirrored in real-time between separate storage systems to maintain continuous availability despite equipment and site outages. Extensive automation frees system administrators to care for other parts of their infrastructure. DataCore supports all of the popular storage devices from flash and disks inside servers to storage arrays and public cloud storage.

Virtualize Your Existing External Storage Hardware

  • The SANsymphony software runs on Lenovo x86 servers, providing one set of common storage services across all storage devices under its control.
  • The combined storage capacity of the different devices is managed as shared pools to eliminate wasted space.
  • Unlike storage systems communicate seamlessly reducing complexity and preventing downtime.
  • Data is replicated between nodes leaving no single point of failure.
  • You can seamlessly scale up and scale out choosing the most appropriate hardware manufacturer for each class of storage and servers.

Enterprise Use Cases

Data powers many of today’s most innovative businesses, and the Lenovo DX8200D powered by DataCore provides an affordable, highly efficient and durable storage platform to meet the massive data growth.

Target use cases for the Lenovo Storage DX8200D powered by DataCore solution include:

  • Accelerate transactional databases, analytics, ERP and CRM
  • Deliver Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery for business-critical applications
  • Manage data growth by increasing storage utilization
  • Scale-up or scale-out storage as needed
  • Increase efficiency, availability and utilization of existing storage assets
  • Integrates perfectly in a virtualized environment

Storage for Software Defined Data Centers

As data growth continues to outpace IT budgets, you need a brand new approach to storage. The Lenovo Storage DX8200D powered by DataCore appliance allows you to architect block and file storage for faster performance while simplifying operations. This validated, turnkey solution provides easy scalability and single pane management at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems—without trade-offs in availability, reliability or functionality. Lenovo’s global leadership and innovation includes industry-leading reliability and world-class performance for business-critical applications and cloud deployments. You can directly obtain a single point of contact for 24/7 technical assistance from Lenovo’s support organization, which is rated #1 for overall x86 server customer satisfaction.

DX8200D powered by Datacore

The Lenovo Storage DX8200D powered by DataCore solution is part of the Lenovo StorSelect Software Defined Storage (SDS) program, which provides quality, engineering expertise, and Lenovo’s worldwide global services. You can quickly and confidently deploy new storage technologies, using preloaded appliances with software from best-of-breed Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) on proven Lenovo systems. The StorSelect solutions enable easy expansion for scalable deployments, as well as integration with existing storage infrastructure, so that you can grow your SDS deployment on your own terms.

How can we help?

As a fully accredited Lenovo partner we can provide support, configuration advice and evaluation systems for you to test in your environment. If you would like to know more please phone us on 0207 193 5760 or complete our online form.

Lenovo Storage DX8200D Datasheet