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We provide all types of iSCSI storage to provide data blocks to operating systems and applications. Initially, iSCSI used 1GbE and then 10GbE, now it works over 25GbE and 100GbE Ethernet networks providing seamless disk space for virtualization, operating systems and many other applications that require additional disk space.

iSCSI Protocol

iSCSI is a networking protocol that combines SCSI data blocks within Ethernet IP packets. SCSI commands are encoded into Ethernet packets and then sent over Ethernet networks. When they reach their destination these packets are separated out into Ethernet and SCSI commands and the data is then sent to the relevant device.

Operating systems see iSCSI-connected devices as local storage and are unaware that the storage device connected to the network resides across the room or across town.
  • iSCSI is based on existing industry standards, practices, and applications that are known and understood by users
  • iSCSI is a network storage protocol that encompasses block-level SCSI data in a TCP/IP frame, thus allowing servers to access iSCSI storage resources over an existing IP infrastructure
  • iSCSI is a cost-effective way to build SAN’s at much lower cost point, giving users greater consolidation in their environment
  • The iSCSI protocol is supported of the major storage vendors and endorsed by Microsoft, IBM and Cisco etc
  • iSCSI is an OPEN architecture that enables an optimized and cost-effective TCO to be achieved and your TCO is protected for the future

With the advent of higher speed, Ethernet networks 25/100GbE will start to replace Fibre Channel based storage as the cost to deploy and manage is much lower.

iSCSI Storage Uses

iSCSI storage provides a simple and convenient way to add storage to systems in a number of ways.
  • Perfect for virtualization requirements, the iSCSI Storage is certified to work with VMware, Hyper-V & Citrix
  • Works with numerous software defined companies to deliver localized storage
  • Add local disk space to servers or workstations
  • Provide iSCSI high capacity/performance storage to blade servers
  • Use iSCSI for CCTV or media production

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We work with some of the world’s leading networking and iSCSI storage companies to provide solutions to enable your organization to grow, data delivered faster and reduce unnecessary expenditure.

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