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Solutions for Microsoft – VMware – Nutanix

We provide hyper-converged infrastructure solutions ready to run out of the box fully tested, configured and installed with the minimum of hassle and fuss. Why take months to build an infrastructure when it’s already certified by the software vendors including VMware and Microsoft?

Building data centre infrastructures are increasingly complex, error-prone and time-consuming. The traditional approach of putting together best-in-class components is a complicated and cumbersome process; it requires a deep knowledge of all components involved and an understanding of their various dependencies on each other. Consequently, such a do-it-yourself approach would always present businesses with multiple risks.

Installing a hyper-converged infrastructure

We provide the engineering resource to ensure your hyper-converged infrastructure systems are fully built and configured to your specification. Whereas a typical install could take weeks a HCI is typically installed in less than one week. All installs are done by the manufacturers fully trained and certified engineers to ensure everything goes without a hitch.

Network config

With HCI, networking plays a very big part in linking legacy networks to a modern high-speed network. From setting up VLANs , IP address routing and ensuring VM’s are able to move with the minimum of fuss we sit down with your networking staff to ensure when the system is built at the factory that it has enough network ports to be a seamless install.

Server migration

Many VM hosts run on an array of different servers and storage platforms a hyper-converged infrastructure consolidates all these platforms into a single managed stack of systems. As we install the hyper-converged infrastructure platform we can also assist with the setting up of your storage pools and ultimately the migration of VM’s from old platforms to the new infrastructure.


Building a hyper-converged infrastructure will work but if a problem arises are you supported by VMware, HP, Microsoft, Cisco as an example and does finger pointing occur if something needs patching and goes wrong? With a fully supported hyper-converged infrastructure you only have a single support contract, contact number and upgrades/patches that have already been tested and approved on your hyper-converged infrastructure platform.

Read about our HCI solutions from Lenovo.

Lenovo ThinkAgile VX – VMware vSAN certified nodes

Lenovo ThinkAgile HX – Nutanix certified nodes or appliances

Lenovo ThinkAgile MX – Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

How can we help?

We provide complete hyper-converged infrastructure solutions from industry leading providers to deliver, install and maintain a complete hyper-converged infrastructure. If you would like to know more about Hyperconverged infrastructure click the link.

If you would like to know more call us on +44 (01256) 331614.