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We’re here to help you in choosing the right type of data storage solution for your business. With decades of experience and years spent working with global storage vendors and providers of software and hardware, we like to think that we understand all types of storage requirements. Working with companies in all industry sectors from Law through to Aerospace each has their own way of working and storing data.


Increasingly legislation is forcing companies to take control of the ever increasing data mountain that is saturating networks and storage systems. Trying to sift through this information to find documents and manage the life-cycle of information is a problem for companies big and small. We work with companies who can make sense of this information allowing you determine how it is retained, stored or deleted. Need a document relating to an impending legal case but are struggling to pull together all the information relating to the matter? Wouldn’t it be great if you could locate all the documents, emails and files relating to this case using a simple search and from here eliminate unnecessary information?

We believe in being open and honest and in the past we have walked away from the business because the most important asset is the “data” and we are not in the “square peg round whole business!”

Some of our international clients are TV companies, aerospace, governments in the Far East and solution providers in Africa.

If you need a power supply for an old piece of IT equipment or a new datacenter kit out “Just Ask”.