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*Ring, ring*

“Hello, Fortuna Data here, how can we help?”

“Hi, this is ADT, we’ve got a problem.”

The above is an oversimplified version of our first instance of contact with each other, from this discussion, we were given a full overview of the situation.

We asked plenty of questions and listened even more intently.

After this discussion we went away, conferred with our solution architects, and we had a quote on the way to them within the same day.

What they required was additional CCTV storage for their customer as they were running out of disk space and wanted to add more higher resolution CCTV cameras to their existing system.

If their current storage usage trajectory had extrapolated, with no resolution, they’d have been out of space within 6 weeks.

This would’ve meant CCTV would’ve ceased recording, this is of course, a huge risk to any business.

The solution

We supplied and installed the following at their customer site in the Midlands.

– 1x 16 bay Prowware proNAS EP-3166JSCT-SQX fully populated with 4TB SATA 6Gb/s drives

– 1x 16 bay Proware expansion JBOD EP-3166J1-SCSC fully populated with 4TB SATA 6Gb/s drives

We created 2x RAID 6 volumes on each chassis, equating to a total of 105TB additional recording space.

Overall the system took 3 weeks from order placement, system build and installation to complete.

If you need help with an I.T. requirement, we’d love to help.

Contact: or call 01256 331614 for further details.

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