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A Fortuna Data Digital Solution

Arts Alliance Media (AAM) are a World leading software provider to cinemas.

Their on going goals are as follows:

“We want to make running cinemas as simple as possible, so exhibitors can get back to running their businesses.”

“We want to furnish exhibitors with the data, resources, and capacity to try new things, and know when they’re working.”

“We want to unlock exhibitors’ technology for automation and integration, so they can keep growing.”

Needless to say, we helped them do exactly that with an innovative and revolutionary new digital solution that transformed the businesses they work with.

The Challenge

Arts Alliance Media wanted to show films at cinemas digitally, they needed a digital solution.

Movies were initially shown using reels which were cumbersome and heavy to load on to the projector and play.

They also on occasion failed and films were cancelled when this happened.

Cine film was also costly to produce and distribute. It was easily stolen and copied for piracy purposes.

Ermm yeah..not great.

They contacted us and asked us if we could provide a digital solution that would enable the cinema to play movies.

We met with them on several occasions to discuss the reliability and feasibility of using a RAID array as our suggested digital solution.

The Digital Solution

After many weeks of testing and tuning the RAID systems to provide the performance each movie required, we built, configured and supplied over 100 RAID system digital solutions over a 12-month period, these were installed across the UK.

To wrap it up

The overall digital solution deployed by Art Alliance Media created the UK’s first digital cinema experience.

This digital solution greatly reduced the chance of piracy, the movies provided greater detailed enhancements, there was less downtime for the cinema, increased attendance by the public and a huge efficiency boost of 151X.

All of the above is without even considering previous logistical problems the pre-digital solution caused.

Helping is what we do, we love I.T.

If you think you have an I.T. project where expert assistance is needed, let us know.

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